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Cell Phone / Mobile Device Policy

Dear Parents (and Students), 

I am looking forward to another great year of teaching your students.  I would like to inform you that I am planning lessons that will incorporate the use of cell phones/mobile devices in the classroom.  As you may know there is a lot of great information in print and on the internet describing how mobile devices can be used as an educational tool.

I realize not every student owns a cell phone or has cell phone plan that will allow them to participate with their own personal device.  I also want to make it clear that I am in no way encouraging parents to provide a cell phone to students who do not already own one.  The lessons in which cell phones/mobile devices will be permissible can be completed using a device your student brings to class, sharing with a lab partner, OR I will provide classroom netbooks or iPads for students to use that will enable all students to participate.

Some of the resources we will be using in class are applications that allow students to communicate with the internet via text messaging.  The school has a wifi network that students can connect to to access the internet.  All of the applications and websites we will be using are free but normal text messaging and data fees may apply.  I am aware that most students with cell phones have very large or unlimited text messaging and data plans.  Please review cell phone plans with your children so they are clear on how much they can use their phone without accruing any cost to you.  Sequoia Union High School District, Carlmont High School, and your student’s teachers can not be held responsible if your students goes over his/her minutes, data usage, or allotted text messages.

Please read the guidelines below that will be implemented and enforced in each classroom to manage the use of mobile devices by students for learning.  If you agree to the guidelines please sign the permission slip on the class syllabus contract. If you would like to learn more about using cell phones in the classroom please send me an email at  I am happy to answer any of your questions and/or concerns.

Thank you,

Melissa Hero


Cell Phone/Mobile Device Guidelines

1.    Students will follow instructions given by teacher in assignments and projects using mobile devices according to the course assignment or

        project’s purpose and task.

2.    Students will not use their devices in this class for personal communication (i.e. calling or texting parents, family or friends; visiting web 

        sites not listed in assignment).

3.    Students will not go on any inappropriate sites that they can access on the device.

4.    Students may not record, videotape, or take pictures of the teacher or other students in the class, during class time.

5.    Students will respect each other’s property and the school’s property.  If a student damage’s the schools or another students property, he 

        or she financially responsible for fixing/replacing it.

6.    If a student is defiant and refuses to follow the guidelines or teacher’s directions and expectations for cell phone use in the course, the 

        student will not be allowed to use his/her device in the class until after a scheduled meeting with the student, teacher, and parent/guardian.

7.    Students are responsible for their own mobile devices.  Sequoia Union High School District, Carlmont High School, its faculty or staff are 

       not responsible for the damage, loss, or theft of any cell phone or mobile device which the student brings to or possesses at school, or 

       fees incurred by using the device.

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