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Emergency Procedures for Room S2



  • Wherever you are on campus, get into the nearest classroom as fast as you can.  You may or may not be with a teacher you are assigned.  Listen to the teacher and follow his/her directions.
  • Help the teacher secure the classroom: Lock doors, pull shades closed, barricade the room quickly and quietly.  Hide silently in the classroom.  Stay off your cell phones.
  • Wait quietly with the teacher until emergency crews come to your door and release you.


  • If an alarm sounds and an announcement is made to evacuate, our classroom will use the following route to the football field:  Make a left out our door, walk down the hill, and then make a right and walk down Highland Road.  Turn left after the weight room and before the pool, and enter the football field through the South Pool Gate.  
  • As we walk down to the field, stay together as a class.  Stay off your cell phones.
  • Once on the field, you will line up in a straight line and sit down on the field behind the teacher.
  • The teacher will take attendance, and the school will wait for word from emergency workers.

STUDENTS:  Often times, students are the first to see or hear danger.  If you notice anything suspicious that causes need for concern, please report it immediately to the Office Staff or the nearest adult.  We must work together to keep our campus safe!

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