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Science Lectures


Location:  Carlmont Peforming Arts Center


Time:  7-8:30 PM (Doors open at 6:45)



  • September 11th, 2013:  Dr. Emmanuel Mignot, Stanford University (Sleep Neurology)

  • October 9th , 2013 - Kevin Donnelly, Theravance (Dinosaur diseases)

  • November 13th , 2013 - Rich Schneider, UCSF (Skull evolution)

  • February 12th , 2014 - Catherine Mohr, Intuitive Surgical (Future of medicine)

  • March 12th , 2014 - Margot Gerritsen, Stanford (Modeling natural processes)

  • April 9th , 2014 - Narges Bani Asadi, Bina Technol (Genomic analysis)

Assignment:  To earn 30 points of extra credit per lecture attended, please complete the following.


  1. You must attend the lecture, completely fill out the notes section of the worksheet, and obtain a stamp from Mr. Raffa or Ms. Smith.  Worksheets will only be available at the lecture.

  2. You must submit  a two page reflection of this lecture.  This must be TYPED and submitted to Ms. Hero over   Include in your reflection: a brief biography of the presenter, a brief summary of the topic and its applications, what you learned, and your overall opinion of the presentation and topic.

  3. You must complete a current event related to the topic.  This should be on the same document as your reflection, which is submitted to

  4. All portions of your extra credit must be submitted to your instructor no more than one week past the date of the lecture. 


4th Quarter Extra Credit

Watch "Your Inner Fish" and take cornell notes.  Click here for instructions and assignment.


iNaturalist Blog Project -Due May 29, 2014


Watch the following video for instructions on how to set up your blog:

Biology Extra Credit

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