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Google Apps for Education

All Carlmont students have a GAFE account.  You have access to:

Your username is your Carlmont Student ID.

Your email is your

Your password is chs followed by your Infinite Campus password**.


Ex.  If my student ID is 123456 and my IC password is sparklymonkeys, the following is what I would use for GAFE:

Username:  123456


Password:  chssparklymonkeys


*Google Drive includes tools like docs, spreadsheets, and presentations which are similar to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  The best part is that these documents are saved automatically and work on ANY computer with internet access.  Don't worry about saving, emailing, bringing a flashdrive, etc. when you are working on class projects.  Use your GAFE account for all school work, and you can access it anywhere.


**You can find your Infinite Campus (IC) password on the bottom of your class schedule given out on the first day of school.


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