top of page is where all of your assignments are located.  You can print out handouts, submit work, and see grades for each individual assignment as you complete it here.  Links to all videos, texts, websites, etc. with due dates are listed as well.  
(The overall grade in Schoology will not be your actual grade - it doesn't take into account incomplete assignments.  Grades from Schoology will be transfered into IC approximately every two weeks.)

You need to create a student account.  Be sure to use your first and last name (use your complete last name that is listed in Infinite Campus).  I would suggest using your Carlmont Google Gmail and Password to set up your schoology account.  

After creating your student account, you must join your class.  Here are the access codes for each class.

2*:  WHMW5-7XXPX
4*:  BV6CT-C3HVR
7*:  99CPQ-WZKC5

Parents, please contact me for parent log in information for Schoology.
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