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All of your formal essays, reports, and extra credit assignments will be submitted over is a online service that checks students' work for plagiarism. 

Please go to to register for an account.  (At the top right of the screen, underneath the spot to log in using your email, it says "Create Account".  Click on that to begin.) 

You will first need to create a user profile using your Carlmont Gmail address and your Carlmont Gmail Password.  (Ex. and fl072901)

Next, you will need the Class ID and the Enrollment Password for the class.  These are to the right.  Make sure you are signing up for the correct class period. 

You will also need to add in your first and last name, and email address (Carlmont Gmail).  Make sure that you capitalize your first and last name.

Class           Class ID          Enrollment Password

2* Biology    13145350        hero

3* Biology    14114835        hero

4* Biology    13145368        hero

5* Biology    13145375        hero

6* Biology    13145381        hero

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